A Love-Themed Playlist for Your V-Day

In Love or Not, Here’s Some Tunes to Celebrate V-Day.

It’s Valentine’s Day! You know what that means. Couples everywhere will be exchanging flowers over a candlelit dinner while others walk past trying to hold back resentments and maybe a little vomit.  No matter how you are going to be spending Valentine’s, I suggest that we all enjoy today as a celebration of love in general. Love is a fantastic beast that can make the most ordinary person feel like a superhero and also turn the greatest person into a straight mess.  Why not take some time to commemorate this mysterious emotion that drives us so wild?

In my experience, love has been best felt and expressed with a proper tune right alongside it. As I think back to each person with whom I’ve had the pleasure to share feelings, the most prominent memories of them always involve a certain song or artist. Music seems a perfect companion to intimacy. So what better way to celebrate love, past or present, good or bad, than with a playlist of tunes?

This playlist certainly has its share of sweet voices singing about love. There are also some instrumental tracks with melodies that pluck heartstrings. Many of the songs are so bright and sloshed with feels they could make peeling potatoes seem romantic. Some are more erotic. Other songs are dark and complicated. I think it’s important to appreciate love’s full dynamic, from ecstatic to abysmal. Love isn’t just heart-shaped boxes and edible underwear, it’s text-message breakups and Facebook blocking. We deserve some recognition for bearing the burden of having a heart. On this reddish-pink themed day, let’s try to celebrate the loss, the bliss, and the hope of love.


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