About Earthlings Entertainment

Earthlings Entertainment began in 2013. Proudly based in Boise, Idaho, but serving everywhere from British Columbia on down the north west and pushing east as the progression continues. Earthlings Entertainment consists of a variety of artists in varying mediums who are dedicated to the utilizing those skills to constantly challenge the status quo through artistic expression and creative inspiration.

We understand the value of art in all its mediums and the influence that it has on the people and communities that it reaches. Through our values and individual musical preferences we are committed to curating, highlighting, and sharing only the most intelligent, intriguing, original, and downright edgy releases in Hip Hop and the genres that Hip Hop is a progression of, as well as the umbrella of Electronic music and its sub genres.

Earthlings Entertainment covers both the culture surrounding the respective genres and the musical entertainment. We pride ourselves in dismissing the idea that professional journalism has to stand by the ideals of political correctness and we embrace hot button topics intelligently and with conviction creating a site with a diverse array of richly unique content.  

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