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The second release by Andy O. & WeighnBeyond Jupiter’s Eye, takes the listener on a short and intense journey through The Storm in search of The Righteous Man. The multi-faceted narrative plays with the idea of tempestuous weather as metaphor, calling upon the largest planetary storm in our solar system (the Great Red Spot on the fifth planet, Jupiter) to stand in as the ultimate symbol for what ails mankind. Sometimes it’s going on around you, sometimes inside you, sometimes it feels like you’re weathering it alone, and sometimes it feels like it’s big enough to engulf the entire planet–but everybody is dealing with a storm of one kind or another.

Weighn’s production utilizes warm, vinyl-textured boom-bap drums to propel the EP, layered with juxtaposing instrumental melodies that evoke feelings of contemporary melancholy, dystopian dread, nihilistic rage, and, ultimately, enduring hope. Andy’s lyrical concepts (much like the previous sentence) are complex and heady, providing the perfect compliment to Weighn’s smooth, effortless instrumentals.

“Fair Weather Family (rework)” is a fresh rendition of a track that originally appeared on Andy O. & Weighn’s 2015 release, I Never Went to Summer Camp, and kicks off Beyond Jupiter’s Eye with fresh vigor and energy unseen in the previous rendition. Comparatively, this rework is slightly more aggressive and exudes more gravitas–a distinction that indeed pervades between the two albums overall. 

“Event Horizon” follows as the second track, utilizing a mirrored lyrical structure and execution to “Fair Weather Family”, evident in the opening verses’ references to Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction concerning “The Righteous Man,” as well as the repetitious homage to Mobb Deep: “There’s a storm going on outside no man escapes from…

Where the first track offers a contemporary view of the individual confronted by the storm, the second track offers a somewhat damning interpretation of humanity’s trajectory toward “the point of no return.” In the third track, “The Eye,” Andy O. reflects emotionally on whether or not there’s “hope for those warped by the storm,” while the monologue, “A Walk Among The Stars,” and the final track, “Fine Toothed Comb,” provide cathartic resolution to the project.

That resolution is found largely in the refrain, “walk among the stars beyond Jupiter’s Eye,” which is a central fixture to this EP, and refers both to the concept of spiritual as well as physical transcendence , according to Andy O.

I’m a strong believer in the power of science, technology, and logic to solve external problems, and the power of reflection and spirituality to govern internal issues,” says Andy. “I think humankind is its own worst enemy, and that our pettiness holds us back from our own infinite potential. Transhumanism, the Singularity, immortality, and the chance to explore the mysteries of this vast universe (to walk among the stars, if you will) await our species–as long as we don’t succumb to self-destruction first.

“Fine Toothed Comb,” featuring verses from Andy’s label mates Zero and Clev Speech, highlights the importance of collaborative effort in navigating life’s storms.

“I wanted my homies on the track because I feel like it’s important to highlight that don’t have the answers alone. I don’t think any of us do. It’s only when we come together and–you know, it’s kind of cheesy, but like the song says–when we focus on what we’re thankful for and why we smile, and use that to get through the proverbial storm, that I really see hope in the future.”

Quickly becoming a hallmark of Andy O. & Weighn projects, the creative flow inherent in Beyond Jupiter’s Eye sets it apart from your average underground release. Playing the last track all the way through and letting the album repeat is a treat as well, but we won’t spoil anything here. Download or stream Beyond Jupiter’s Eye on BandCamp or SoundCloud today!

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