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Alexander The Greatest (ATG)


ATG Alexander The GreatestBorn Gage Anderson in 1995, Alexander the Greatest is the youngest member of The Earthlings. Always on the grind with a backpack, a skateboard, his MPC 2000XL, and a pad and pen on hand, ATG began to awe his hometown of Boise, ID in late 2013 with the release of his solo mixtape, Northwest Innovation via Earthlings Entertainment and Emanon Studios.

Alexander The Greatest’s debut promotional mixtape, Northwest Innovation, utilized beats produced by Suff DaddyMKSBL’Orange, and Hippie Sabotage, as well as vocal tracks by featured local artist Magic Mic as well as future label-mates Clev Speech, Axiom Tha Wyze, and Andy O. While not widely reviewed or referenced outside of Idaho, the release garnered enough steam and credibility to gain the attention of Montana native, Eddwords, and secure ATG a spot on Eddwords’s mini-tour through Seattle and greater Washington.

Indeed, ATG’s talents expand beyond incredible lyricism and skill on the mic. Emulating the sample-based production of the late ‘80’s and 90’s, ATG’s ability to produce gritty, soulful beats with the Akai MPC platform is on point. Couple that with the dedication and determination to moonlight at mixing studios whenever he can, and you have an exciting prospect for his first fully self-produced solo album set to hit the streets of Boise in mid-2015.

Further accolades include opening up for headlining artists including Mobb Deep, PsalmOne of Rhymesayers Ent., Louis Logic (formerly of the Demigodz), and Onry Ozzborn of Oldominion and Grayskul.

With a taste for the old East Coast sound, he strives to represent hip-hop in its most unadulterated form. Preaching knowledge in the fight against established oppression, spitting fire with tenacity and unrivaled skill, staying true to his love of the game, and proudly repping the City of Trees are all part of ATG’s repertoire.


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