Sheradan Magee

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Sheradan Magee


Few can categorize the wild spirit that is Sheradan Magee. Being a woman of perpetual projects, she was never able to limit herself to one particular form of artwork. While dance was her sport and hobby growing up, she found additional joy in the mediums of poetry, painting, and innovating DIY crafts. Moving to Houston to reconnect to her family, She rediscovered a real rooted passion for dance, uncovered a talent for spoken word, and started a small company. PROSe is her perpetually developing project that creates custom clothing with an intention to cultivate creative curiosity and spread a positive message. Among these messages is the importance of following your flow, recognizing the artistry of your own creation, and revering the redemptive qualities of the human spirit. These are attributes that Sheradan embodies and the way she lives her life.

While experiences like working as a stage manager for a talent company added many skills to her repertoire, it was the time spent freestyling at an open studio that reminded her where her heart was. Freedom of movement for emotional expression.

Living in Houston and being around the Hip-Hop scene she gained an appreciation for the soul that is birthed from struggles and the ambition that brings color to concrete. Upon moving back to Boise she cultivated a deeper love for the abundance of Mother Earth and the importance of a strong community. Both the intensity of the city and the freedom of nature are visible in her movement and in her classes. She found her soul sisters in the members of CoreVette, and through community and progressive self discovery, she continues to develop in an organic and intentional way as an artist and as a human being.