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me2Originally a city girl, growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada so moving to Boise, Idaho was a huge change in scenery. With a deep love affair with hip hop at a very young age I naturally found myself roaming solo to any hip hop show, graff function or spoken word outlet I could find, quickly making friends in the small scene at the time. Through immersing myself in the local music and media community in Boise I have began quite the journey in many aspects of work in the music and media arena. Most recently  with the local National Public Radio affiliate KBSX 91.5 and KBSU 90.3 where I worked as a Network Operations Technician.

Spoken word, poetry and the art of the written word in general is a passion of mine so naturally, combining both music and writing has been a smooth transition into Music Journalism. Writing for three other local online magazines in the past were great experiences that have given me the knowledge and understanding needed to help curate, manage and edit content on

Outside of that I have delved into Social Media Management and booking for two small music venues here in Boise, Idaho allowing me to further my goal to build and uplift the talent in Boise and the continue to create a network of artists and initiate progression. Previous to this I was the General Manager at the Boise State University radio station, University Pulse where my show Hip Hop Love Affair was born. My love for Hip hop is second only to my daughter and both of those are the driving force behind all that I do.  I also had a show called Lunar Vibrations that was a mixture of all things rhythmically and lyrically appealing.

I believe that music is extremely powerful. I also believe that the voices and ideas of the artists that create the music that moves us, has the power to impact us and our ideas about the world around us. With that in mind I work hard to ask the tough questions, create content that makes people question their preconceived notions about any one topic and have a conscious, socially aware voice.

This is only the beginning.


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