Bringing in the New Year with Bass

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Bringing in the New Year with Bass


At a glance, the streets seem subdued. It’s what you might expect on the night before New Year’s Eve; a calm before the storm. Walk into the ‘Whiskey Bar’ in downtown Portland and you’d think that New Year’s festivities were in full swing. It’s no surprise, really. With a lineup featuring some of the best bass music out there right now, and headlined by none other than Stylust Beats, the energy was electric. Starting off the night, Hapa’s downtempo bass tracks set the mood perfectly as people began to arrive in droves, eager to escape the night’s chill.

Santa Cruz native, Potions, blended near seamlessly with his bass-heavy, experimental music. Fans of the likes of Bleep Bloop and G Jones (another Santa Cruz native), will love the melodically odd sounds of this up and coming producer.

The surprise treat of the night would definitely go to Um.. Hailing from Los Angeles, this eclectic duo has been on my list of must sees for quite some time. Displaying their harder roots, their set galvanized the crowd and brought everybody out onto the dance floor. With a ride range and a unique style, Um.. should definitely be on your list of artists to watch as we enter 2017.

To cap off a night of stellar music, no artist could do it better then Geoff Reich, aka Stylust Beats. The Canadian producer is a veteran whose style continues to grow and evolve. Fresh off the release of his ‘Bandana’ EP in October, he has enjoyed rave reviews and a packed tour schedule. Having had the pleasure of seeing Stylust Beats perform five times in 2016 alone, I can personally attest to the fact that no two sets of his are alike as he flawlessly transitions from all genres and BPM with ease. Portland was especially fortunate as they were treated to a polished set full of new music and backed by a year’s worth of performances. As a special surprise, Stylust previewed his brand new, as yet unreleased remix of ‘Talk to Me’ by the hip hop group ‘Run the Jewels’, off their new Album ‘Run the Jewels 3’. Having had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Geoff prior to the show, it would appear that this remix is just the tip of the exciting things he has in store for 2017.

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