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The Minds and Music Behind MASZER

Seattle-based psychedelic rock trio, MASZER, hits the Treefort stage at 10:30 pm on Friday, March 25 at Hannah’s. Their transcendent musical sound has an enveloping quality that is matched only by the lyrical prowess of vocalist Katie Blackstock. In their single, Fata Mirage, guitarist Tomer-David “STITCX” Rapaport opens with a slow and heavy guitar[…]

The Coalescence of the Cinephiles – Filmfort

The Flicks Cinema opened their doors in 1984 and for over thirty years has provided Boise with a unique and eccentric hub for film lovers to gather next to a fireplace with a nice glass of wine. The Flicks is famous for an artistic array of foreign films, independent movies,[…]

Farm to Food Focus – Foodfort

Foodfort logo design: James Lloyd Local restaurants and chefs have merged with the glory of Alefort to create a beautiful blending of food, beer, and knowledge.Your taste buds really can’t afford to miss this event. The massive tent will house beer, food, and specialty panels on topics varying from how to become a[…]