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Dope or Nope #011: ATG | “Midnight Writing Binge” (Prod. SEQUOYAH)

Alexander The Greatest aka ATG has been kicking it in the emerald mountains of of Northern California for the least couple of years, but he’s still banging out thought-provoking lyrics over boom-bap heat. This track, produced by Sequoyah, features a medieval-sounding, melodic stringed sample as its backbone, which gives it an interesting feel from the get-go. However, that sound evolves as dusty drums and ATG’s vocals come in, bringing together a well-rounded, unique, and flavorful track. Dope or Nope?


Dope or Nope #007: Q Dot | “State of The Union II”

For Dope or Nope #007 we’ve got Washington native Q Dot with his latest single “State of The Union.” If you’re a fan of conscious, soulful hip hop Q Dot will most def strike all the right chords.

Considering the polarization of our nation, the necessity for music that speaks for the people has almost never been so needed. Q Dot, A pianist, a rapper, a Ph.D student and a Grammy nominee creates a space of authentic dialogue with lyrics like, “Will we be pawns to the game or rebuild our nation?”

Check out “State of The Union” below, and let us know what you think:

Dope or Nope?


Dope or Nope #006: Styles in Black | “Natural Wisdom”

For Dope or Nope #006 we’ve got my good homie Styles in Black with his new single “Natural Wisdom”. If you’re a fan of Nujabes-style chill-hop, or 208 locals like Spin-Master Mugen, “Natural Wisdom” should be right up your alley.

Another reason I dig Styles in Black is that he donates all of his proceeds to charities–his latest Estilos EPreleased via Philos Records, will donate all its proceeds to the ACLU. Anyway, check out “Natural Wisdom” below, and let us know what you think:

Dope or Nope?


Dope or Nope #005: Illumneye Crew | “White Knuckle (Grip Titans)”

Boise-based Illumneye Crew recently released “White Knuckle (Grip Titans)” a boom bap joint coming straight out of the 208. This comes as a precursor to the Illumneye Crew’s unreleased third album, following last year’s Wisdom Tooth  and 2013’s The Branchout.

The Illumneye consists of Mawk One, Elms One, Zabian, Edable, and DJ HMZTRSTYL. I can never say enough good things about these cats. Mawk, Elms, and Ed Able are featured on this track in particular, and the beat was produced by Ed. Give the song a listen, and vote below: Dope or Nope?


Dope or Nope #004: Eminem | “Infinite” (F.B.T. Remix)

Eminem’s first release, before he was Slim Shady, was Infinite, produced by the Bass Brothers in 1996. The title track off of that album has long been one of my favorites and I think perfectly encompasses Eminem’s lyrical ability–which is stunning, being one of the first things he ever released. The Bass Brothers recently remixed and re-released the title track, “Infinite”. Dope or Nope?