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Dope or Nope #003: Mars Mellow | “Forget”

Dope or Nope #003 over here is one I’m really excited for. Mars Mellow consists of the homies Joey aka rapper Lucid Optics and producer Knowmadic, two extremely talented individuals that Earthlings members have opened for and worked with in the past. Lucid’s content is some of the best in the West in my humble opinion, kind of reminds me of Milo of Hellfyre Club–there’s a sort of poetry, a crooning sing-songy-ness, and an energetic, yet melancholy sting that springs out of Lucid Optic’s verses, and Knowmadic provides a brassy, melodic, and impressively dynamic instrumental for him to splash vocal paint on. Obviously I think this shit is dope as fuck–but this ain’t about what I think. It’s about what you think. Dope or Nope?