Moods of the Madison Brings Some Idaho Flavor

This coming weekend July 15-16 in Ennis, MT, the 3rd annual Moods of the Madison will be kicking off for a 2 day event. There will be some dope headliners, vendors, non-profits, and the return of “glamping.” Chamberlin Productions will be producing and preparing for festival in conjunction with community leaders.



Boise Music Fest 2016: Confused Pop-Music Carnival

Alright, here’s the deal. This year I performed at Boise Music Festival, and every year that my brothers and sisters from the Double E and I get to take part in the festival, we’re grateful. We get the opportunity to kick it with a bunch of other local acts, and we’re not the type to sneeze at opportunities that we’re handed. So believe me when I say that there are elements of the Boise Music Festival that I like…