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TroyBoi: The “Music Manipulation Specialist”

Getting the green light to work a festival that we already hold near and dear to our hearts brought so much excitement and an overwhelming sense of appreciation. Shambhala Music Festival has always been a place that has allowed for a healthy purge of things that are not feeding individual[…]

Summer Meltdown 2016 Recap

This summer has been one of the busiest summers of my life. Almost every weekend from the end of June through the beginning of August was spent at one music festival or another, either performing or documenting with fellow members of E.E. My journey began with What The Festival in Dufur, Oregon. I was blown away, but saturated with the bittersweet feeling that, while I’d experienced such an amazing music festival, nothing in the long line of event-filled weekends ahead of me would live up to it. And then I went to Summer Meltdown.

Mad Love for Electric Love Music Fest 2016

In Agassiz B.C., Canada, about an hour away from the border, just off of the little Fraser River, is a campground called the Cheam Fishing Village. The Corevette Dance Crew and some of the E.E. Media crew were invited up on the last weekend of July to teach dance classes and document a good time for the second annual Electric Love music festival.