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Bringing in the New Year with Bass

At a glance, the streets seem subdued. It’s what you might expect on the night before New Year’s Eve; a calm before the storm. Walk into the ‘Whiskey Bar’ in downtown Portland and you’d think that New Year’s festivities were in full swing. It’s no surprise, really. With a lineup[…]

Marv Ellis and We Tribe//The Grown Ass Man Band

I first discovered We Tribe and Marv Ellis in Graineys basement during Treefort 2015. I walked in not knowing what to expect and walked out glowing with admiration, cheeks that hurt from smiling so much and out of breath from dancing and applauding for the last few hours. I remember[…]

Polyrythmics – Freaks of Modern Funk!

As the music scene in Boise rapidly evolves, the craving for funky flavor is becoming more evident than ever. Last Thursday’s event at the Reef, Polyrythmics, is a prime example. Locals Lounge on Fire opened the show and right away their ‘fire’ jams ended any ‘lounging,’ when the immediate heat[…]