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Dope or Nope #010: Tony G | “Night Night” (Prod. BibbsMon)

Tony G. and BibbsMon are two names that Boise heads should probably get used to hearing. Bibbs brings the beat with that champagne-smooth brass, soulful drums, and aggressive 808s peppered with staccato trap snares throughout. Tony G. matches with a flow that is similarly aloof enough to keep its smooth quality, yet heady and intricate enough to keep the listener engaged. G is relatively new to the 208 scene, but stands in the upper echelon of talented lyricists and performers¬†in the COT. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to all 2:minutes and :08seconds of “Night Night” and vote: Dope or Nope?


Dope or Nope #009: LSD (aka Joey Bravo) | “Lethal Linguistics” (prod. Ed Able)

Dope or Nope #009 features LSD aka Joey Bravo of the group The Illest*Lyricists with his his “Lethal Linguistics”. The beat by Ed Able is has a nice psycho sort of vibe that goes with the fatal nature of LSD’s delivery, and LSD comes at it raw with his concise, narrow, vowels and sharp, pointed consonants that defines his style. I’m reminded of Metaphor Matador¬†somewhat (which I believe is the third in his “Cypher series”, this one being Cypher 4), and can’t help but appreciate bilingual rapping. Vota ahorita wey–Dope o No?


Dope or Nope #008: ZERO | “Beyond the Moon”

The first Dope or Nope of 2017 comes to us directly from my brother ZERO off of his latest album LFTY DID IT. It’s a melancholy jam with plenty of Boom Bap influence and ZERO, as always, makes the listener not only hear what he’s saying, but makes them feel it too. Hit play on the damn joint and vote Dope or Nope if you know what’s good.