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Getting Deep With Doctor Jeep

Over the Halloween weekend we had a chance to sit down with Doctor Jeep (Andre Lira) who lives in Brooklyn, New York. He played an amazing set on Saturday the 28th at The Shredder in downtown Boise. The up-and-coming bass artist has played at Bass Coast Festival in British Columbia[…]

Zion I: “Hip Hop Is About Empowerment.”

Zion I Talks Vaping, Fatherhood, Systematic Oppression in Hip Hop and More Zion I has been a staple to the independent underground hip hop world since the first album Mind Over Matter in 2000. Since the first release Zion I’s positive intellectual lyricism and innovative vibrant production has created a[…]

Ill Gates Interview Part II: “Kind Of A Shit Starter”

In Part 1 we covered Ill Gates’ most recent EP ‘Terminally Ill’ and got a look into some of the amazing stories behind the creation of that album. In this segment, we’ll take a glimpse of life on the road with the extremely talented KJ Sawka, what the future holds[…]