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Tom Kha Soup: A Seattle Delicacy

Thoughts of the delicious Thai soup consisting of coconut milk, ginger, lemongrass, and an assortment of other mouth-watering ingredients may immediately flood your head, but to many in the Seattle music scene ‘Tom Kha Soup’ brings something completely different, yet equally exquisite to mind. Tom Kha Soup, the DJ duo[…]

Sol | Artist, Humanitarian, Headspace Traveler

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sol after the release of his Eyes Open EP in 2013. He was in Boise performing with the legends, Zion I, at one of my favorite venues locally. The dark, intimate atmosphere at the Neurolux made for a show I won’t soon forget. It[…]

Hip Hop is Alive & Well // An Interview w/deM atlaS

With a lot of younger hip hop artists fitting into this new pocket of “mumble rap” it is beyond refreshing to come by someone who has the skills, drive and intelligence to actually call himself a rapper. It takes a special kind of creativity and knowledge of the spoken word[…]