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Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger Drops Warpath

Stranger Danger consists of Arthur Maddox and P-Dirt, two Boise emcees who after separately perfecting their craft, decided to join forces to create a rap duo of unparalleled skill, backed by the treasure valley’s best hip hop producers…

Feature Friday: Cornell “ZeRo” Johnson

A native of San Bernadino, CA, ZeRo moved to Boise a couple of years after graduating. “I love it so much [here] that I haven’t even given it a though to move back,” he said, “and fuck man, you get to meet some pretty cool around here.” I personally made his acquaintance through The Armada a short year or two back–and though he’s been rhyming for the last ten years, when I met him he in 2012 he had just begun…

Dedicated Servers at the Neurolox

The Dedicated Servers and the “Bryan Taylor” Experience

The first thing that Dave Boutdy and Matt Dixon of The Dedicated Servers told me when I arrived at The Neurolux for their Bryan Taylor album release party was that their set would be a lot more “laid back” than their recent performance at The Shredder. If you keep up with us Earthlings, you know that we were blown away by the amount of energy they brought to that show, so I didn’t know what to expect when they prefaced this performance with that type of comment…