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Boise Music Fest 2016: Confused Pop-Music Carnival

Alright, here’s the deal. This year I performed at Boise Music Festival, and every year that my brothers and sisters from the Double E and I get to take part in the festival, we’re grateful. We get the opportunity to kick it with a bunch of other local acts, and we’re not the type to sneeze at opportunities that we’re handed. So believe me when I say that there are elements of the Boise Music Festival that I like…

The Revolution Will Be Televised

“A system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do.” Yesterday’s BET awards made musical history with artists actively voicing their political opinions on and off stage, of course with musical talent and celebration of culture but what is still resonating with anyone that watched[…]

Exit Prose Releases Well-Rounded Rap Singer LP

Exit Prose’s latest LP takes the proverbial bar he set with Sensational Woes in 2011, snaps that shit in half, tosses the pieces out the window, and sets a brand new one about a mile higher than the last. This isn’t to say anything against Sensational Woes–it’s a good album–but is meant, rather, to highlight not only what he’s has accomplished in the last five years, but also to illustrate how far those accomplishments extend.