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Tom Kha Soup: A Seattle Delicacy

Thoughts of the delicious Thai soup consisting of coconut milk, ginger, lemongrass, and an assortment of other mouth-watering ingredients may immediately flood your head, but to many in the Seattle music scene ‘Tom Kha Soup’ brings something completely different, yet equally exquisite to mind. Tom Kha Soup, the DJ duo[…]

Elemental Idaho | Strength and Elegance Through the Elements

Passion, expression, rhythm, and flowing elegance come to mind when remembering last night’s performance of “Elemental Idaho,” presented by the Off Center Dance Project at the Boise Contemporary Theater. “Fire, Air, Sand, and Water,” are the focus of this uniquely imagined show. It’s choreography and costumes compliment the elements, showcasing[…]

Moods of the Madison Brings Some Idaho Flavor

This coming weekend July 15-16 in Ennis, MT, the 3rd annual Moods of the Madison will be kicking off for a 2 day event. There will be some dope headliners, vendors, non-profits, and the return of “glamping.” Chamberlin Productions will be producing and preparing for festival in conjunction with community leaders.