Spoken Word

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Where Did We Sit on the Bus?

Theatrical Performance by Brian Quijada With a unique one-man performance that mixes spoken word, rap, beatboxing, live instruments, looping, and passionate story-telling, I would almost recommend that you don’t read any further and just simply trust me that you should go see Brian Quijada’s impressive Where Did We Sit On[…]

The Revolution Will Be Televised

“A system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do.” Yesterday’s BET awards made musical history with artists actively voicing their political opinions on and off stage, of course with musical talent and celebration of culture but what is still resonating with anyone that watched[…]

Slams and Brews

Giant wooden flats filled to the hilt line the walls of the room; over a hundred gallons of beer bubble and ferment in massive vats — a perfect ambiance to the gathering of literary lovers that packed the back room of Woodland Empire on Thursday. Armed with nothing but beer, one[…]