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Getting Deep With Doctor Jeep

Over the Halloween weekend we had a chance to sit down with Doctor Jeep (Andre Lira) who lives in Brooklyn, New York. He played an amazing set on Saturday the 28th at The Shredder in downtown Boise. The up-and-coming bass artist has played at Bass Coast Festival in British Columbia[…]

New Music Monday | Miles Bonny

One of the fascinating aspects of music is that there is a genre that fits any mood. Workingout? You might want to be jamming out to hip hop, metal, or EDM. What if you want to relax and enjoy a mellow ride? Perhaps a melodic jazz tune that encompasses the[…]

Austin City Limits: Destination Festival Experience

When you think of a music festival you probably are inclined to believe there is a huge camp out with lots of setup and the fact that you have to “rough it” for a few days. However, with city festivals you get the amenities of day-to-day life while being able[…]