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Exclusive Ouch That Hertz! Premiere: Axiom Tha Wyze – “Demons” (feat. Sergio)

Without further ado, we are pleased to present- in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month- Axiom Tha Wyze’s “Demons” (feat. Sergio), off of his upcoming Imminence Records 2017 debut Kiss The Chef.

Depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain. After I realized that it became manageable in my life and I stopped using substance abuse to try and fix it. Replacing the negative with something positive, for me it was music, helped save my life. That’s essentially what this song is about is the internal struggle of battling depression.” – Axiom Tha Wyse

Konnexion Goes Big For The 5th Year Anniversary

Konnexion Music Festival in the Boise National Forest will be better than ever this coming July 7-9 for its much anticipated 5th year anniversary. Organizers secured a stellar location at Twin Springs where attendees will camp in Idaho’s beautiful mountains with easy river access and hot springs just two miles[…]

Sculpture Fest is Chiseling Reno into The Biggest, Bestest Little City

  Remember that awkward couple years of middle school where the girls loomed over the boys? Not just to evade their pimply, armpit-farting pubescence but because they came back from summer break a few inches taller than their male counterparts, and gracelessly stayed that way for a bit? Reno, Nevada[…]

Upstream Music Fest’s Summit: An Emerging Artist’s Paradise

Earthlings Entertainment was fortunate enough to attend The inaugural Summit at Upstream Music Festival this year. This part of the festival is a two day event with keynote speakers, that included Macklemore, Quincy Jones, Portia Sabin and Ron Jones. Following the keynote opening speakers were breakout sessions for specific topics[…]