Liquid Brings The Laughs | Comic Relief at Comedyfort

Liquid Lounge was packed wall-to-wall Thursday night at Comedyfort for the headlining Boise comedian, Emma Arnold. The show featured five opening comedians and each one did a fantastic job warming the crowd up for the anticipated local headliner.

Boise’s own Alisha Donahue and Jynx Jenkins started the show off with their comedy duo called Lady Bizness. Their shows are unique and memorable. They combine sketch, stand-up, commentary, and interpretive dance. The performance at Comedyfort was no different when the duo took stage acting as two southern women who were working on their very own Christian rock album. Acting in thick southern accents, Lady Bizness was laden with vulgar religious jokes and they even had the crowd following some entertaining dance moves that would “bring them closer to Christ”. Their bit ended with them singing a song about giving Jesus a blow job, and the crowd absolutely loved it! Lady Bizness brought the heat, and they couldn’t have done a better job warming the crowd up for the evening.

Following the amazing act that Lady Bizness put on was not an easy task, but Amy Miller from Los Angeles kept the vibes high and the crowd alive. She joked about being a single, middle-aged woman with incurable insomnia who walked dogs for a living since she was a broke comedian. The line that really got the crowd rolling based around her not wanting kids because she “didn’t want to be an easy bake oven for the next terrorist or school shooter”. Overall, Amy’s act was superb and well-received by the audience.

After two admirable acts that the crowd loved, Mike Carrozza from Quebec, Canada  was put in a tough spot and took a different turn with his comedy. The majority of the bit was him making fun of himself, which definitely had its funny moments, but it didn’t pack the punch like Lady Bizness and Amy Miller.

Turning things up a bit, Lace Larrabee took stage and warmed the crowd back up again. She joked a lot about being a single thirty-six year old woman with no kids, and how different she is than her friends who have been divorced three times already. Some of the best jokes were about how terrible baby showers are besides the free champagne.

Tamer Kattan from Los Angeles brought some awesome racial jokes to the table that had half of the room rolling in laughter, and the other half offended. He used his Egyptian-born American heritage and his religious family background as Muslims, Jews, and Christians as the backbone of his jokes. It was very obvious that the topics were personal to him, but he did a great job making it into a stand-up show.

The much anticipated headliner Emma Arnold took the stage with a longer timeslot than her openers. She had some fantastic jokes about going to a puberty class with her stepdaughter and phone sex fails with her husband, but she took a lot of time building each joke up. It was awesome that she tied her personal life into the stand-up, and the crowd loved her.

The amount of talent, time, and courageousness that goes into a comedy show is astronomical. Comedians jump on stage and love getting laughed at for their pitfalls, which is something that most of us fear most. Overall, Comedyfort was a smashing success for Treefort and the Boise comedy scene.

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