Andy O. – I Never Went to Summer Camp

Earthlings Entertainment


Andy O. – I Never Went to Summer Camp

  • Release date: 2015-09-21
  • Label: Earthlings Entertainment
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    I Never Went to Summer Camp [skit]

    I Never Went to Summer Camp [skit]
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    Summer Camp

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    [Verse 1]
    Yes it is! The attack of the fantastic /
    Andy O. and Mr. Weighn, it’s nice to have ya /
    The goose egg’s tacked to stand for Odinson, Son of Odin, Thunderer /
    “Whosoever hold this hammer shall possess the power of!” /
    —But only if he’s worthy and you’re damn right I am /
    I ain’tcha average rapper, fake and plastic, like a mannequin /
    I’m trying to do work on these heads like a barber /
    Music made to take you places that you’ve never been and even farther /
    Punch it Chewie, hit the hyperdrive, let’s quest! /
    “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!” Oh yes! /
    That’s defense against the hobgoblin horde /
    Dual-weilding Mjolnir and a sword, fight with lightning like Thor! /
    I probably wouldn’t choke ‘em with electric cords /
    But wood shock ‘em in quantity: in electric cords /
    I’m like Kuvira’s Colossus, divine, no electric core /
    Damn, while Weighn’s beats bang, I’m raining pain on this eclectic orb /

    [Verse 2]
    And now I’m dropping back in—to this verse like a half-pipe /
    Exhaling hot dope and not holding no crack pipe /
    I do it for the love, live, with or without a mic /
    Unravel sweater-threaded verses while I’m wheezing from the hash-pipe /
    I smoke the purp, until my head is giving birth to art /
    And for an eARThling the word is literally at the heart /
    Of his form and moniker, I'm native and intense in my directive /
    Cuz ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh’ /
    An 8ball will feed you truth if you believe in it /
    The biggest trick the devil’s played: to make you think you isn't him /
    and think you isn't God, Starbuck calling Battlestar /
    I inflate with faith but navigate with DRADIS—so say we all /
    The Yin and Yang got me dropping bombs with aplomb /
    That detonate, but in the wake, I neglect to seek applause /
    My ambiance's audience unique and uncouth /
    And if you don't like it? that's cool, I didn't make this shit for you /

    [Verse 3]
    So it's been said that Andy O. recites somber raps /
    My lady claims it's cuz I never went to summer camp /
    It's just harsh observations bolster most of my creations /
    and they shape my opinion on the human race when they make /
    Clandestine treks, led with sultry summer breath /
    Off the riverside path, home to bikers, bums, and mountain cats /
    The woman didn't have a ringéd finger like his /
    The irony is: no commitment from him made her envious /
    And now the crimson drizzle slithers from his dome in rivers /
    Cuz the mistress told the mister's missus of their secret visits /
    My verbal spew is jumbled, bumbled wisdom mixed with gibberish /
    The beauty is: the puzzle fits the listener that figures it /
    So open up your ear-hole to metered banter /
    While these lyrics tickle fixtures in your gray brain matter /
    While these snares pop and snap, and the kick drums bump /
    Sit back, relax, and let us make you feel something /

    Summer Camp
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    Reefer Madness [skit]

    ft. Clev Speech

    Reefer Madness [skit]
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    Always Runnin'

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    [Verse 1]
    There was a time when i felt more introspective /
    Than I do now, chasing paper in a life that’s hectic /
    I clipped my wings so they would fit inside a cubicle-desk /
    I'm cutting checks with a cornflower noose on my neck /
    I put the smoke in my head to slow the time down /
    I'm losing life by the second like right now, and right now /
    And all i hear is “tick tock” /
    The only laws unbreakable the one’s that change the faces of clocks /
    I got no love for the cops or for the NSA /
    Intelligence creates the enemies of the police state /
    A generation’s been played, always lied to like: /
    "If you smoke marijuana you'll get pregnant, and then you’ll die too!” /
    "The terrorists and bad guys are who we bring the fight to!” /
    So this the land of freedom and a government that spies on you? /
    So who the fuck am i supposed to trust? /
    I ain't trying to fight goliath, and there ain't no shame in running /

    I’m always running, I’m always running and pumping /
    I’m always running, I’m always running and trucking /
    I’m always running, I’m trying to run from becoming /
    Another human stayed put, I’d rather venture forth afoot /

    [Verse 2]
    I'm having visions of my younger years: sidewalks and culdesacs /
    Rushed growing up cuz no one tells us there’s no going back /
    I feel like Peter Pan, living like a lost boy /
    Cuz once you trade the hook for hand it's hard to grasp the simple joys /
    And living slave to that skrilla just ain't enough for me /
    A City of Trees with so many seeds chasing hollow luxuries /
    But what's a life without a soul to back the stacks of paper?
    I ain't hatin', just trying to represent a cause greater /
    Than this city scape skater; a Leo that’s gotta roam /
    Cuz life's an empty glass laced with foam that stands alone /
    In the corner of the room, on a table facing inward /
    And abandoned by somebody who grew weary of the picture /
    My heart bares blisters, man, we all need some help,
    But ain't nobody gonna a save a world that wants to kill itself /
    So I dunno if i'm escaping from or searching for something /
    All i know is that i gotta keep running /


    [Verse 3]
    So now I'm looking at the trees and see the wind is wild /
    The breeze is gentle, but alive, and animates the branches high /
    And it reminds me that I am just a leaf caught in the movement /
    And this hero inside—he's been asleep in his tunic /
    Caught in the Temple of Time /
    When he woke up the world was different from when he was a child /
    The kingdom crumbled to bits, and while he slept /
    Them decrepit digits crept to the neck /
    No, our breath ain't let up yet, but we remain courting death /
    As such the future we’ve been left is a pile of shit /
    Ask any 90’s kid with half a brain and common sense, when they were 10 /
    If they thought, when grown up, that stress was gonna kill ‘em /
    While their schools still bill ‘em in a world that don't fulfill em? Nah /
    So fuck the fangs dripping insipid lies /
    I'd rather pump like Forrest Gump than stand around and wait to die /
    The destination's a journey that will never see completion /
    So I guess I'll run forever like Maniac Magee, I’m always running /

    Always Runnin'
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    Tiger Lily & Pete

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    [Verse 1]
    So here we have the spawn of Doug and Shay Lavonne on the back lawn swing set /
    Hoping he’ll get high enough to fly over the fence /
    And see the wind crawl across a field of wheat /
    Blue skies that stretch beyond horizons with the subtle smell of summer air and freedom /
    And he’s prepared to do great things /
    and emulate his hero’s latest accolades /
    So it suffice to say that ambition was his mission /
    With great wit he felt he’d make is greatness witnessed — the kid was /
    Ready to rid the realm of wicked-hearted minions /
    and the harbingers of evil wherever they exist /
    And driven by youthful ignorance to fight for princesses /
    on marooner’s rock for the noble prize of a kiss /
    And this was how they first met /
    her hair dark jet, soft olive skin /
    and when she pecked his cheek his little stomach felt like floating dandelion seeds /
    and his ears burned a scarlet shade of red, but he said: /

    [Hook 1]
    My name’s Pete. Will you be my Tiger Lily? /
    And promise never to grow old forever with me? /
    I’m having too much fun to ever stop being young /
    So I figure I’ll just never grow up /

    Hey, my name’s Pete. Will you be my Tiger Lily? /
    And promise never to grow old forever with me? /
    Because the curse of the young is that they all grow up /
    And forget what it’s like to have fun /

    [Verse 2]
    His name was Pete, her name was Tiger Lily /
    She promised that she’d never grow old forever with him /
    But they did. Time is an inexorable engine /
    And witnessed the kids grow distant /
    They grew up in an instant and then they grew apart /
    He went in to business and she pursued the arts /
    And all she wanted was his love and a companion for adventure /
    But he felt a larger base pension was a better investment /
    So Pete went on to wed a more conventional Wendy /
    And they lived a life of plenty that eventually felt empty /
    Cuz spreadsheets and pinstriped cloth /
    Amounted annual accomplishment to squeezing out an extra couple bucks /
    But oftentimes money ain’t enough /
    To make a man feel full when his skin starts to show liverspots /
    And the older he got the more he choked on regret /
    Over promises he never kept every time he said: /

    [Hook 2]
    My name’s Pete. Will you be my Tiger Lily? /
    And promise never to grow old forever with me? /
    I’m having too much fun to ever stop being young /
    So I figure I’ll just never grow up /

    Hey, my name’s Pete. Will you be my Tiger Lily? /
    And promise never to grow old forever with me? /
    Because the curse of the young is that they all grow up /
    And regret the things that can’t be undone /

    [Verse 3]
    Before too long "It’s 5 ’o clock and I need a drink” /
    became “It’s 530 and I need some sleep” /
    Cuz poor Pete was no Dorian Gray—just grey now /
    Tuck Everlasting heart under weight of age /
    And it took every last thing out of him to lay down autonomy /
    To live retired, always tired, thinking: “they’ve forgotten me” /
    What a bitter epilogue to success /
    A late ex-wife, estranged kids, and no real friends left /
    He felt like exhaled breath, what he would give for some back /
    To chase his shadow once again as a kid /
    Before his labyrinthine thoughts made him feel scared and lost /
    And confused while his telomeres disappeared /
    But this was how they met again /
    Her hair dark jet, same olive skin /
    His eyes trickled warmth and as he smiled Pete's wrinkled lips quivered /
    So she smiled back politely as he earnestly whimpered /

    [Hook 3]
    My name’s Pete. Is that you Tiger Lily? /
    Who promised never to grow old forever with me? /
    We had too much fun to ever stop being young /
    And I wish we would have never grown up /
    Hey, my name’s Pete. Will you be my Tiger Lily?
    And promise never to grow old forever with me?
    Because the curse we’ve succumbed to is that we’ve grown up /
    But you remind me what it is to feel young /

    Tiger Lily & Pete
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    10 3 14

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    [Verse 1]
    The first time I met you was on Sunday, the 3rd of October /
    You were brand new and I was just a little bit older /
    I had stayed up watching Space Ghost at Uncle Eric’s house /
    And in the morning I was told that I’d be sharing both my parents now /
    I don't remember much else about your birthday /
    And since then we’ve both kinda stayed out of each other’s way /
    Cuz you were always into different things /
    I played my video games and wrestled friends on their trampolines /
    But you weren’t into that, cuz you were more sensitive /
    And kicked it with the neighbor girls, it made more sense with them
    Than with aggressive sidewalk kids talkin shit about your lisp /
    And how your mannerisms seemed a little feminine /
    And I hate that I never chimed in /
    To defend you from the bullies makin fun of all your differences /
    I didn’t step in or stand up /
    And I still loathe the fact that I was shitty at being an older brother /

    Now I’m trying to make up for what I wasn’t /
    I never meant to take for granted what it means to have a brother /
    But you’ll never have to fight another battle alone /
    Cuz I ain’t afraid to stand up for you anymore /

    And now I’m trying to make up for what I wasn’t /
    I’m sure that plenty take for granted what it means to have a brother /
    But I’ve learned that blood is thicker than the sum of its form /
    And I ain’t afraid to stand up for you anymore /

    [Verse 2]
    It sucks that growin up we both felt so alone /
    Basic strangers that just happened to inhabit a home /
    And it’s no wonder that we never figured brotherhood out /
    When we were struggling trying to figure out ourselves /
    High school was rough and I was probably the perfect example /
    Of the type of young man you’d never want to hold a candle to /
    But after everything that’s transpired, man /
    The one thing that I can’t shake's how I was never there to give advice /
    But I guess it’s all troll-water now /
    Cuz when you called me in college to let me know that you were comin out /
    I was so proud of you for taking that step /
    And shedding light on the hell that you had been through as a kid, but /
    I feel sick you spent your childhood feeling /
    like you might be fucked up and defective as a human being /
    And after that shit I stood up /
    That’s when I promised trying harder at being a better brother /


    [Verse 3]
    I’m glad we turned out how we did /
    Talk about a long road looking back to where we’ve come since we were kids /
    And some may think it’s awkward how I run with it /
    But even though it’s different I just see it as advice in your relationships /
    Cuz shit, we’re chromosomal compatriots /
    A Leo and a Libra, strange in our own ways, but we’re embracing it /
    And screaming "Suomi!" cuz we’re both fond of set traditions /
    Just as long as they don’t pop with others' happiness as an expense /
    And I ain’t concerned with all that's trivial and frivolous /
    Cuz you’re an awesome person worth more than labeled preferences /
    A close friend who fire bends with me in the smoke room /
    Best buds that smoke the best buds to dope cartoons /
    But it’s funny just how suddenly a person happens /
    Cuz another brother came to us in the eleventh month /
    And now together both of us can stand up, /
    I don’t show it enough, but I will always love both of my younger brothers /


    10 3 14
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    November Dragon

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    [Verse 1]
    Dear November Dragon, I know that I ain't written you in a minute /
    So I thought that I would pop by like chicken and spinach /
    And see how big you were getting—I'd be remiss if I ain't mention: /
    You look strong enough for fisticuffs with earth bending henchmen /
    Like the Dai-Lee! And it might be that you remind me /
    Of me before I relegated medicating nightly /
    With the sess as the only means to deal with stress /
    Now that's the solemn song they sing when the youth lose their innocence /
    And I know you been through some shit; so have I /
    There's nights that I would lie and cry, thinking: “Jesus, Lord, let me die /
    Cuz I won't ever understand this fucking planet /
    Or these people you put in it, or these lives we take for granted” /
    But November Dragon, sadness running rampant's just the half /
    and Taoist balance is a talent time will help you understand /
    There is no light without shadow; the good exists within the bad /
    As glass-half-something moments floating slowly past you /

    [Verse 2]
    Dear November Dragon, before you were a zygote in the womb /
    I was dreaming of the things I would do, the people that I'd influence /
    As a world-touring superhuman Mr. Sunshine /
    On the face of metal boxes children bring for lunchtime /
    And sometimes I pretend that I could still be him /
    At least someday anyway, if I can make amends with rended ends /
    I'm spent like Harvey Dent; I got a vicious half /
    That's only making sense of the chaos that's the coin when it flips /
    Cuz either life's a bitch, or you're an asshole who can't sweet-talk /
    The prison-dwelling priss to let her frizzy wisps hit bedrock /
    We're fed rot for 5 o' clock news spots and sports talk /
    Like dinner table fables led by peacocks and a fox /
    But nah, the rage innate's an easy leech and inflates /
    From the intake, but I ain’t trying to teach hate—just preach great /
    Wisdom if you'll listen—Old boy at the abyss has peeped the beast within /
    But gleaned from him that even beasts deserve to live /

    November Dragon
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    Fair Weather Fam

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    [Verse 1]
    I once heard the righteous man is beset on all sides /
    By the inequities of selfish and tyrannical men /
    And at the pulp that ain’t fiction, cuz the tempest we exist in /
    Sprung from avarice that saturates environments /
    We’re asking why the birdsong emanates from the cage /
    But never why the caged bird was caged in the first place /
    Sometimes it’s more than just a case of the Mondays /
    And other days I just need a blunt /
    Some days I’d rather not get up, but wallow in the cotton /
    Cuz I fought and lost, and I’m lonelier than Lucifer /
    I allude to her to mark the solace and the chaos /
    Coexisting in the eye of the Eye of Jupiter /
    When baristas get a coffee order wrong /
    While the biggest storm in a solar orbit rages on, just notice: /
    That even interstellar weather never lasts forever /
    And the earth itself draws beauty from erosion /

    There’s a storm going on outside no man escapes from /
    And you will lose some; but you will gain others /
    And if you make it out the other side alive /
    You will walk among the stars beyond Jupiter’s Eye /

    There’s a storm going on outside no man escapes from /
    And you will lose some; but you will gain others /
    And if you make it out the other side alive /
    You will sail the Cosmos beyond Juptier’s Eye /

    [Verse 2]
    The road to hell is paved with damn good intentions if I say so myself /
    We never mean to hurt the ones we do /
    They usually never mean to hurt us too /
    I see subliminal victims, addicted thick in a system and stuck /
    That don’t excuse malicious actions and thoughts /
    It serves to signify the scale of the storm /
    We’ve all been rained on /
    We’ve all felt the gaze of Jupiter’s Eye /
    We’ve all yearned for days that lie in wait beyond /
    One glass of wine is fine, but five’s better /
    Fair-weather family rob each other over cheddar /
    Vendettas worm their way inside our nightmares /
    and infect the neural network it infests if it nests there /
    So we must break atmosphere /
    If we ever expect to explore the universe /
    Boys of like ilk are destined to become men /
    The caveat is they must walk through Hell first /


    [Verse 3]
    I see an end to this storm planet-side and now I find myself /
    Reaching for the stars with every fiber of my being /
    And seeing that this tree sap stains our wooden furniture /
    A hurricane of blades now adopts divine meaning /
    So I’m bleeding still today, but I consider that a victory /
    Despite the fact that marriage of relief and guilt have mixed in me /
    Cuz who’s to say what that I deserve escape from the litany /
    Of elements affecting scores of innocents with misery? /
    I see the forest for its facets and inhabitants /
    Conflicted whether wolf should eat and orphan Br’er Rabbit’s kids /
    Cuz that’s how it happens—it’s a perfect world for massochists /
    Gluttons eat the hungry and pretend they’re not the savages /
    The Eye of Jupiter is swallowing Terra /
    It rages on the outside and it warps the interior /
    It swirls inclement, violent and intense,
    So it helps to have the mindset that your scars make you beautiful /


    Fair Weather Fam
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    Ocean Lab

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    Verse 1]
    Late night entry: Ocean Lab systems fading /
    I’m lost within a thought and populating machinations /
    Now the odyssey begins again and once again I’m limited /
    Cuz movement of the rapid eye in visions I’ve existed in must come to end /
    So I can wake up in the A.M. /
    To the harsh red digits screaming that I will be late again /
    I’m stretching thin, loaded pen, graveyard shift /
    The early bird’ll catch the worm—especially if he hasn’t slept /
    This life’s a trip like Datura-tea hallucinations /
    If you keep on drinking you may not divine the crucial meaning /
    Or maybe the problem is that most folks don’t drink enough /
    For fear that altered consciousness will be some strong stuff /
    But these are just the etched words of a frayed mind /
    That spies the cosmic hourglass pouring grains of spacetime /
    I’m lava lamp floating, fighting sleep /
    Trying to accomplish what I can before I drift into a dream /

    Sometimes I stay up just to think /
    Other times I stay up just to listen to the nocturnal silence speak /
    Sometimes I float inside my dreams /
    Caught within the void that exists between emptiness and everything /
    Sometimes I’m lost inside my head /
    Sometimes I lock myself inside my Ocean Lab to poke at who I really am /
    Sometimes I navigate the deep /
    The urban night is barren as the sea-floor; a tundra that calls out to me /

    [Verse 2]
    Late night, treading dreams, this room is an illusion /
    My Ocean Lab’s as peaceful as the surface of the moon /
    Our destiny’s to sail among the stars—but first /
    We must confront the self-destructive nature anchored in the human heart /
    Motor-oil gutter-reservoirs reflect the murky sky /
    I implore you to explore the deeper side once in awhile /
    Though the weekly visits quench the thirst for absolution /
    All the old discarded gods sigh amongst their sunken ruins /
    My Ocean Lab mode of navigation is instinctual /
    The prime directive is ensuring that this message reaches you: /
    None can comprehend another’s pallet of existence /
    We’re all floating down the river; to each his own transmission /
    I’m just another vessel surfing on the waves of slumber /
    My eyelids are closed, yet I still behold the wonder /
    Up until the cold alarm sounds to terminate my quest /
    Rude awakenings that signal days spent working from a desk /


    Ocean Lab
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    Original 1954 Horror Trailer "The Basement" [skit]

    Original 1954 Horror Trailer "The Basement" [skit]
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    The Basement

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    [Verse 1]
    In everything I do I swing hammers—either building shit or breaking shit /
    Sometimes both; crack an egg to make an omelette /
    And there’s Freaks in the Alley, Sector Seventeen bombed it /
    My bazooka tooth pop and a sop gets rocked /
    It’s verbal kung fu to settle vendettas and you /
    Can blast cannons but I’ll still die better-than-you /
    And if we kicked in the SmokeRoom then you already know /
    That I ain’t claim to be the greatest but I’m DOPE /
    And in the words of my homie Sup1: I eat a whack rapper's lunch /
    And yo I slay a lame arrangement every month /
    I got couple crowns to prove it, but yo, fuck being king /
    I’m a Lord of the Forest, and rep the City of Trees /
    And always repping Earthlings—until I’m dead and fucking rotting /
    Even then throw Double E’s up as a zombie /
    I've weaponized E.coli with control; I’m as raw as I wanna be /
    No more Mr. Nice Guy if you're fucking with me down in The Basement /

    It’s going down in the underground /
    If you ain’t trying to get raw don’t come around /
    Talk all the shit you want but none of it means nothing /
    If you’re fronting and you can't back it up then get the fuck /
    Out of The Basement /
    It’s going down in the underground /
    If you ain’t trying to get raw don’t come around /
    The rules are simple: no crying, no bitching, no hugging, no drama /
    Down here in the motherfucking basement /

    [Verse 2]
    And yo, if this your first night then you have to fight /
    No bitching, no hugging, no drama, no crying /
    Cuz we keep this shit competitive, murder flows to settle shit /
    And spit full-contact raps—so don a thick skin /
    Cuz this is Mortal Kombat on some Liu Kang shit /
    You gotta battle up the ladder spitting fire throughout the tournament /
    I’ll steal your soul like Shang Tsung and wear your skull like Shao Kahn /
    You can’t fuck with the final boss /
    Cuz you can’t defeat who can’t be beat without swinging for his head /
    There can be only one and I protect my neck /
    I’m takin trophies from opponents like the Predator did /
    So de-feet means I separate your feet from your legs /
    And with a chainsaw I’ll rip your face off and wear it /
    Cook your ass into casserole for dinner with your parents /
    And dessert is your girl in the top bunk, and after that /
    You both can say you been fucked up by the champ from The Basement /


    [Verse 3]
    You can’t bangarang with tame shit /
    High-powered razor-bladed verses kill and maim shit /
    Big Mike and Manek getting sprayed with gore and guts /
    While I'm jumping rope with entrails and playin in blood /
    That’s how I plant the seeds of doubt in chests to watch em sprout /
    Into Xenomorphs that chew through sternums from the inside out /
    I’m adding insult to injury when shook soldiers battle me /
    I’m ripping out the heart to take shit in the cavity /
    And if you saw me on the street you’d never know /
    That I turn into a psycho every time I touch the microphone /
    The mind of Andy O. is different from the average human brain /
    I might look normal but I’m fucking insane /
    But really sword sharpen sword, dog, you better believe it /
    I hear a lot of pussies talking shit but standing in the bleachers /
    So step to the arena if we gotta handle beef /
    Cuz only real MCs can hold a candle to me down in the basement /


    The Basement
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