EE Presents: The Treefort 2017 Dance Battle

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EE Presents: The Treefort 2017 Dance Battle

The battle on; a full blown show-down of flying feet and frenzied heartbeats. The chirps and whistles of child, adult, and adolescent fill the space together as faces press in closer, cheering on competitors enthusiastically. They have come from far and wide to dance in their individual styles, to strut their stuff, and to win the title of Treefort Dance Champion!

It all went down Sunday afternoon in “The Hideout”, a tucked-away, tented-in event stage seated next to Alefort. A quiet exhibition stage which was turned quickly from a space for speakers and discussions to a space for an electrified dance-battle arena. Dancers hit the stage around 2pm, busting move after diverse move.

There were acrobats, break dancers, butt shakers, and robot makers. There was even a fantastic clogger. Interpretive mixed with modern, and hints of ballet all danced across the stage too. One emcee called,The Dance Commander”, said, “There was romance, there was acrobatics, there were sheer acts of levitation. Every contestant brought their own style and flare. From traditional clogging to break dance, the dance floor was aflame with creativity and style points to the max.”

The Dance Commander (Celests Bolin) and Capitan Crunk (James Sharp) emceed the event enthusiastically and hilariously; bringing life to the contest as dancers went head to head, one on one. To start things out, competitors played each other in a stimulating game of rock-paper-scissors to determine the dancer’s order. This was entertaining enough, but the competitors really hammed it up (I think for the many children watching). The room exuded love, happiness, and a desire to dance one’s heart out for the pure pleasure of it!

The DJ, Dready Rojo, gracefully weaved a soundscape for each dancing pair. The Dance Commander describes it perfectly saying, “Dready Rojo straight killed it with music categories ranging from Bieber Fever to Cats and Boots, a superstar quality reigning supreme.” The beats welled as the atmosphere swelled with swivels and swings, jumps and jives.

The “winners” of each round were determined by the crowd’s cheers. It sounded pretty evenly matched to me though, and felt like everyone was winning somehow. The entire room participated, ooing and aweing as moves busted, and feet flew.   Each time a dancer “lost,” another pair took the stage until the competitors were narrowed down to just two.

The day was won by Utah dancer “Baby Wipes,”

who walked away with the epic custom trophy, and $100 cash. But the truth  is, everyone – competitor and audience member alike –  won the day. The Dance Commander articulates this perfectly when she said, “Freak flags were flown, dance faces were on point, and the crowd brought their height to epic levels. With the help of the dancers of CorVette (local dance troupe) and special guest Khoa, everyone got a show of just what being a dancer is about – loving dance and those who do it SO MUCH that it’s never really a battle, it’s way more of a love story.”

Dance battle participants really brought it this year. With some of the insane moves shown off, I am not sure how anyone will top this battle next year. One thing is for sure – to engage in the most epic, mind-blowing, and awesome dance-off to ever hit Treefort is to LIVE!

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