Elemental Idaho | Strength and Elegance Through the Elements

Passion, expression, rhythm, and flowing elegance come to mind when remembering last night’s performance of “Elemental Idaho,” presented by the Off Center Dance Project at the Boise Contemporary Theater.

“Fire, Air, Sand, and Water,” are the focus of this uniquely imagined show. It’s choreography and costumes compliment the elements, showcasing the artistic way in which the world can be interpreted.

Photo by: Bart Cepek

“Fire” awakened the audience with salsa influenced numbers and fancy flying feet, leaving the theater echoing with applause. Tassel shawls in flaming red danced through the air as the company whirled and spun in their flowing flamenco skirts, beautiful, confident, and smiling.

The strength, elegance, and teamwork of “Air” formed a delicate balance between powerful physical strength and graceful dance moves. The numbers flowed lovingly together in poetic, emotional, and uplifting coherence; moving seamlessly from aerial silk numbers to including performers dancing together in a lovely harmony, like air currents. This set pulled at the heart strings, caressing the audience with the beauty and mystique of a breezy sky.

The second act started with “Sand.” It began with a falling stream of grains, slowly piling on the stage. One perfectly seasoned dancer began the dance with her beautiful grey hair glowing and her lovely hands facing palms up in the flowing sand. More performers soon joined her in a number which tantalized the tactile senses as they danced collectively together waxing and waning. Each woman seemed as a grain of sand does: both a part of the whole and separate, different and the same; evoking a sense of fluidity and solidness simultaneously. It ended with the same silver haired beauty on stage alone, looking up as the sands of time slowed to a trickle and eventually stopped; bringing to life the importance of each grain.

Photo by: Bart Cepek

“Water” waved hither and thither across the stage. Turbulent, flowing, and free the numbers combined contemporary and interpretive undertones. Some tell a story, like a man and woman dancing together in the rain, while others ignite imagination and awaken the senses. It was a beautiful closing rife with expression and elemental splendor.

Off Center Dance Project is a local troupe of diversely talented dancers who are dedicated to creating authentic and artistic experiences through dance. Katie Ponozzo, the director and choreographer of this performance, said that seeing her vision come to life is a dream come true. Ponozzo is known around Boise for her immense talent and hard work. She teaches dance at the Idaho Fine Arts Academy, and aerial yoga at Ophidia Studio. Her performance art can be found throughout the Treasure Valley at shows like the Red Light Variety Show, and the Off Center Dance Project. She also loves to catch fliers on the trapeze at Fly Boise on the weekends.

Photo by: Bart Cepek

With only two nights of this one of a kind performance remaining, you’ll want to clear your schedule. Get your tickets for tonight’s or tomorrow night’s showing online or at the door. Show starts at 8pm.


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