Looking Back and Moving Forward | Interview w/LEViT∆TE

On February 2nd, 2016 I was able to go check out a show at Kremwerk. Anomaly Music Collective threw a show with a great lineup of artists that i highly recommend you check out. The actual venue (Kremwork) is connected to another venue called Timber Room and has a local pizza place called Little Maria’s. The event included  Steve-G, Jakzon, ShermGerm & LEViT∆TE.

Photo: Bobby Light

The stairs leading down to Kremwerk separates the venue from the rest of  the world. The darker lit venue was ideal for the different styles of music played. Within the venue there was a bar located in the back, tables set up for the sale of apparel and seating located to the left of the stage. The smaller size of this venue allowed you to be able to chat with the artists on a personal level. It was more than just a show, it became an intimate experience.

Photo: Bobby Light

Steve G’s opening set was primarily drum and bass. Jakzon decided to play a little deep bass/dubstep. Following up that set was ShermGerm. If you’re a fan of Stylust Beats I think you would dig ShermGerm. ShermGerm’s sound is definitely an exciting vibe and brought the crowd a little closer to the stage.

The headliner who finished the night off is a favorite local artist and goes by the name of LEViT∆TE. I thoroughly enjoyed the style of music that was played in LEViT∆TE’s set it became clear why LEViT∆TE was saved for the last set of the night. The entire crowd was digging his music, the energy, intensity, and good vibes.

Photo: Bobby Light

I was given the opportunity to be able to meet up with LEViT∆TE in his studio and get a more in depth look at his backstory. He explained that his sets range throughout different keys to allow for a more a diverse set. This creates more perspective and discovery for his live performances. His latest album “Mecca” definitely portrays this style of varying music. Check out the interview below:

Spencer Schumacher: How has your interaction with Anomaly Music Collective been so far in your music career?

LEViT∆TE:  It has been dope so far. I am not necessarily a part of the collective but have watched them since inception and they are killing it. I have watched them grow and they are homies. My favorite thing about Anomaly is their outstanding tracks showcased on all of their releases. There is a lot of talent within Anomaly Music Collective.

SS: I noticed that your logo behind your artist name is a flowering rose. What does this represent?

LEViT∆TE: Yeah, it is a flowering rose, but it represents growth. It is growth in blooming, levitate and rising. Most of my creative direction is driven primarily by first impression. Catch me in a year, and I will be updating my logo to a moth, but something similar to the style of my current logo.

SS: In 2012, “A Bittersweet Symphony of Bragging Rights and Bad Karma” drops. What did that milestone mean to you?

LEViT∆TE: How did you even find that post? When I moved away from California I stayed in Bremerton, WA with my mom for a few months before moving back to Vermont. I was really depressed and didn’t think I was making good music. I wrote that because of my mood at the time. There is a large repertoire of music people probably won’t hear. There are about six projects that are super buried and located on my computer. It is crazy looking back on that time in my life.

SS: Referencing one of your past releases with Bassnectar (Level Up), do you plan on releasing with any bigger name artists in the near future? Are there any artists that you specifically would like to work with?

LEViT∆TE: That is actually a good question. Yes, there are some that I would really like to work with. I am holding onto three collaborations with larger artists. Definitely looking forward to the future, in that aspect. More so a vocalist like Pusha T or a rapper like Jadakiss. Noisia would be someone really cool to work with, their sound design is awesome. Lastly, I think that Moody Good would be another artist who I would want to work with.

SS: Where do you plan on touring this year to showcase your music?

LEViT∆TE: That all is kind of secret. We definitely have dates that are lining up, but not going to release anything until it is finalized. I will say that South by Southwest (SXSW) is something coming up in the next month and people can expect to see me there.

SS: Are there any newer up and coming artists that you are being influenced by? If so, what aspect of their music is influential?

LEViT∆TE: I met Digital Ethos in Philadelphia and he is amazing. I am really into Alon Mor as well. I guess he isn’t newer, but used to produce under a different moniker, releasing drum and bass tracks. His music is so good though, it is amazing.

SS: What are your thoughts about the music scene in the PNW?

LEViT∆TE: To be honest, it is so loose. It is a ton of people that want to be involved, but it isn’t as intertwined as it should be. USC has a huge presence in Seattle and has created a lot of competition. If you were to travel to other big cities, you notice the music scene is intertwined and they are all working together. In the PNW, it seems as if there are a lot of smaller crews that represent the remaining of the community. One group that has done it well in Seattle is Upper Left and all of the people who represent Q Nightclub.

Be sure to check out all of the artists music featured in the post above!!!


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