March of Motivation

You may have seen the “Blue Girl, Red State” stickers for years now as you drive around the capitol city of the conservative state of Idaho, but beyond the bounds of colors, political affiliations, orientation, or religious beliefs lies a unifying force that was visible in numbers on Saturday January 21st for the Women’s March. The day after ushering America’s new President. Five thousand people stood in strong solidarity to paint a clearer picture.

The pictures painted on the posters in protest were equally as powerful as the presence of the people. Starting on the steps of the capitol building, the amount of women, men, children, and their dogs, facing a snow storm to demonstrate the principle of “United We Stand” was astronomical. This is especially true considering Idaho’s historically low turnout for protests. This is a clear reflection that a shift is happening.

This movement was tangible proof that We the People of the United States of America are not standing for the mistreatment of women from misogynist and privileged patriarchs. The amount of men walking alongside their wives, daughters and sisters was powerful. The inner divinity of the city brought tears to many eyes and a force of well-rooted fierceness came up from the marchers in the form of guttural chants such as “Pussy does what? Pussy grabs back” and “The people united, will never be divided.”

From a fixed point, I personally waved fresh air to the fire that was moving down 8th street to the City Hall and got to witness the seemingly endless stream of revved up women who were owning their ferocity but with joyous smiles on their face. There was the appreciated few that brought the embodied energy of sorrow by wearing a face of solemn grief or poetically moving with intention in a black veil and a Shakespearian sign that read, “These violent delights have violent ends.”

The majority of the crowd caught the contagious buzz of harmony and love, truly transmuting hatred and channeling that to empowerment. Giving a voice to the good samaritan, encouraged to speak up against violence with grace. There were so many thank you’s spoken aloud and so many women and men speaking proud.

So let this be a letter of hope. A call to arms for soul soldiers, please. We can illuminate these darkened streets. The snow made for a clean-slate setting. Refreshing. Purified.

Showed up to march? Thank you.

You couldn’t make it but send your solidarity? Thank you.

Had no interest but now are opening your eyes that change can be made with resilient resistance? Thank you.

Voted in the direction that perpetuated this new political pig party? Thank you. We now have been awoken from a slumber.

People across America are participating in a much more active discourse.

So Donald Trump… thank you. Thank you for bringing the people together stronger than ever.

We have woken up and are no longer shutting our eyes to the bullshit. So whether you’re a “Blue Girl,” “Purple Alien,” “Golden Guru,” or in somewhere in between… let this momentum of the march move us forward to begin or continue to lay seeds for the foundation of a future where we are treated as equals. Shifting the paradigm past the patriarchy and continue to powerfully stand together.

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Sheradan Magee

Sheradan Magee hails from Humble, Texas but considers Boise her home base. She loves the community, has a small business called PROSe Co. and also dances with CoreVette. Her passions are words, music, and movement and considers herself a caretaker of the Earth as well as a curator of creative curiosity. She is thrilled that her career is shaping around these intrinsic themes and aligning with Earthlings Entertainment.