Mostly Muff’s Very Special Inauguration Show

We don’t need to cite any studies to confidently tout music’s therapeutic benefits. Sometimes, though, that therapy appointment is attended en masse. Such is the case of Mostly Muff’s post-inauguration show at The Linen Building on Friday, January 20th, which panned out to be one of the most dichotomously gloomy and divine nights in Boise, ever.

Leta’s Performance at Mostly Muff’s Post-Inauguration Show

A dozen local artists took the stage within the span of four hours,…including sought-after favorites Marshall Poole, Sun Blood Stories, G1RL CR3W and Mostly Muff. Despite the stark variance in genres, there were two common threads in each performance – irrefutable talent and unbridled fury.

The pay-what-you-want event raised over $3500 for Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest. Presumably, this attracted one of the most eclectic crowds we’ve ever seen (and, trust us, we’ve been to a lot of concerts). Not only acting as the perfect preface for the following day’s Womens March on Idaho, the show proved that a community outcry can be as philanthropic as it is misanthropic.

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