What The Festival Brings a Kong Sized Surprise

What do you get when you put a web developer, a graphic designer, an avian biologist, a teacher and a few of their friends in the mix? A recipe of epic proportions. This is how The Colossal Collective got started. The Colossal Collective is made up of a group of people as versatile and diverse as the colossal creations that their imaginations and hard work bring to life.

The collective started when Sam Johnson came to Esthetic Evolution (a festival near and dear to a small community of people near the Boise, Idaho area) and brought his first homemade puppet, a squid! It was at EE that he became fast friends with James Sharp, and together they dreamt up an even bigger project for the following year. Naturally acquiring a collective of likeminded, artistically inclined and imaginative bunch, each passing year, the puppets got bigger and brighter and The Colossal Collective was born.


Since 2012 the group has provided unforgettable experiences for people at events in Idaho like the annual Sensory Illumination as well as music festivals. This year they have already been to Treefort Music Fest and What The Festival where DOPE Magazinewas lucky enough to tag along for an experience like nothing, even our best edibles, could have conjured up in our imaginations.


Luna (Shontelle)

Luna (Shontelle) Reyna is the Chief Editor at Earthlings Entertainment. She has made it her mission to propel the company and the arts/artists featured through passion and dedication to her team and taking her knowledge of, and that same dedication, and applying it to her infatuation and respect for the arts. She is also the editor at Bridges Unite, a “diverse network that looks to be inspired and empowered by connecting with like-minded women, strongly committed to expanding their knowledge and connections. She believes in the power of journalistic activism and the social responsibility. She works to utilize the platforms given to work toward bettering the status quo. As a writer with Dope she has tackled many of the social justice topics that may not be getting the coverage they deserve within the cannabis industry as well as inclusivity when it comes to race, sex and the LGBTQ communities (to name a few). Outside of these she works with a rad group of creative creatures that design larger than life puppets that you may have seen at one music festival or another as The Colossal Collective, has an amazing daughter, writes poetry and has a small jewelry line.