New Music Monday | An On Bast

Historically music has progressed through experimentation and this era is no different. An on Bast (Anna Suda) has been able to capture experimentation at its best.

She was hand picked out of thousands to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy Edition and has a really underground techno, but melodic vibe. Anna was able to achieve these organic sounds with research of the most high-powered sounds and  drum machines. Eurorack Modular Synthesizers also play a big part in her sound design. She calls Poland home and is said to be influenced by Subscape, a melodic UK dubstep producer. You can hear the influence in some of her musical sounds around his production styles.

Thumps release of “Life is a Dancer and You are the Dance” is a perfect example of An on Bast’s skills and unique sound. The introduction to the song allows the listener to be at ease, all the while letting your mind journey, asking, “What’s next?” This track does not have any vocals. The layers within the song make vocals unnecessary. The 80’s chords that progress into the songs melody put listeners into a trance and the song’s melody includes random plucks and beeps that creates a new focus as you listen. 

With dedication, perseverance and the exploration with different applications of musical instruments An on Bast has created something special. Neuroblastic Brain Fitness will be her 9th release coming up on March 17th, on her own label Ghost Kitchen, which she founded in 2014. Expect another great album; she is next level!


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