Pack Your Bags, It’s Time to Melt


Every year Summer Meltdown is respite from the everyday grind for so many people. This year is no different. The lineup is, in my opinion the best it’s been in years. Not that it hasn’t always been insane but they really have continued to progressively expand the musical reach and in doing so, blow people’s minds year after year.

Summer Meltdown has always done a brilliant job of bringing a good variety of genres and sub-genres of artists appealing to the music junkie in all of us and making it difficult to choose what stage to be at. Regardless of where you are, you know it will be amazing. Meltdown is more than the music for the annual attendees though. It has become a place for festie-fam to reunite and let their freak flags fly high. A place to forget about the 9-5 back home and reconnect with their true self and others in the freedom and judgement free environment that Meltdown provides.

Earthlings Entertainment is excited to announce that we will be there this year not only as a media outlet but as returning Meltdown fam to celebrate the beauty and authenticity of the festival. The allure of the river, the stages, the variation of the lineup, caliber of musicians, AND the amazing food is great!

Meltdown has created a place of acceptance and understanding, where regardless of age, gender, race or religion your neighbor not only wishes you well but will go the distance to improve your stay if at all possible. Generosity and compassion are cornerstones to the Meltdown experience.

The outside world could learn a few things from Summer Meltdown, especially with the ever present headlines of bigotry, racism, and misogyny around the world. Here at Earthlings Entertainment we are proud to be a part of sharing something that uses art in all it’s forms to address and dismiss such primordial ideas.

Here is to celebrating life and loving every minute of it up with you all at Summer Meltdown this weekend!

Luna (Shontelle)

Luna (Shontelle) Reyna is the Chief Editor at Earthlings Entertainment. She has made it her mission to propel the company and the arts/artists featured through passion and dedication to her team and taking her knowledge of, and that same dedication, and applying it to her infatuation and respect for the arts. She is also the editor at Bridges Unite, a “diverse network that looks to be inspired and empowered by connecting with like-minded women, strongly committed to expanding their knowledge and connections. She believes in the power of journalistic activism and the social responsibility. She works to utilize the platforms given to work toward bettering the status quo. As a writer with Dope she has tackled many of the social justice topics that may not be getting the coverage they deserve within the cannabis industry as well as inclusivity when it comes to race, sex and the LGBTQ communities (to name a few). Outside of these she works with a rad group of creative creatures that design larger than life puppets that you may have seen at one music festival or another as The Colossal Collective, has an amazing daughter, writes poetry and has a small jewelry line.