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Polyrythmics – Freaks of Modern Funk!

As the music scene in Boise rapidly evolves, the craving for funky flavor is becoming more evident than ever. Last Thursday’s event at the Reef, Polyrythmics, is a prime example. Locals Lounge on Fire opened the show and right away their ‘fire’ jams ended any ‘lounging,’ when the immediate heat[…]

Spinmaster Mugen – “Return to Peaceland (A Rose for Nujabes)”

Spinmaster Mugen commemorates the 6th anniversary of the passing of Nujabes with “Return to Peaceland (A Rose for Nujabes)

“Nujabes is a huge influence on me and my music. The way he sampled was just unique and pure… I’ll forever do my best to keep his memory alive, and to bring more of his style to U.S. heads. R.I.P. Nujabes. Til next time.” – SpinMaster Mugen

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