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Bass Coast Vibes in Boise

The Librarian’s music library has created something distinct yet in no way setting herself in a genre specific category. Her knowledge of everything from the unusual to the spacey to ever present bass juiciness, creates access to a multitude of genres in each mix creating a fluid blend of musical bliss for her listeners. There[…]

Murs: “I Think Black Lives Matter Is Bullshit.”

From his Living Legends days until now Murs has been a relevant staple in the hip-hop community and culture. He is unapologetically straightforward about all things which made for great conversation about everything from his career to his community. After the show at the Neurolux we walked down to Wetos[…]

Radio Boise’s The Wreck – May 22, 2014

Shouts to Trav G for holding down the first half of the show as I was stuck at San Francisco International airport. He decided to play classic diss tracks until I showed up. This show is a blend of the new and the old. We hope you enjoy! Be sure[…]