Paul Cabin Project pt. 2 Exclusive w/ ZERO

Check out our exclusive interview and track with ZERO from his next upcoming project.

Q: Let’s start with the obvious. You’re sober. How does your sobriety effect your music and do you feel it is easier or harder to tap into the creative process when writing new songs? 

ZERO: Honestly, being sober makes it a little more difficult with the creative process because what I was once numb to, I feel ten fold. Writing about my demons was easy and forgettable under the influence, but being sober, the thoughts and ideas are played over in my head over and over. However, this process is allowing me to pay my dues, face my demons head on and not fall back into my pattern of failure. So with this new found sobriety, you will hear me, the real me, and watch my growth as a individual.

Q: What is it about this album that stands apart from all your other music? 

ZERO: Aside from the fact that I was completely sober recording this project, lol, everything built up, frustration, anger, jealousy, sadness…all of it, you get to hear the unveiling of it in its rawest form. I tell stories of my youth that I don’t usually bring up. For me its hard to live inside my head, so to get out, I had to rap about it. I also have a ton of features, new and old, on this project. Also, this project is 24 tracks so it will be 2 discs, trying something a little new.

Q: You are notorious for being one of, if not the hardest working emcee in the Boise area. How do you manage your time with a family, a job, and a music career? 

ZERO: Its a struggle, I may be one of the hardest working emcees in Boise, but I am also one of the most scattered brained. In the past, I have been know to miss events with family, not have my priorities in order among other mistakes. But as of late, it really helps being sober and clear headed to know what I started doing music for in the first place. So I try my best to make family time number 1, though I still have work to do. Music is a passion, but I have learned to regulate how much time I focus on it. And work is work, nobody wants to do it, but somebody has to do it, lol.

Q: Any major announcements or activities on the rise for Zero?

ZERO: Nothing to major, after this project, I’m heading to Portland to record my second album. I am really looking forward to working with this producer. But yeah, aside from that, I think the next goal is to follow the footsteps of my brother Axiom ThaWyze and progress my career.

Q: How will this album release party differ from other Hip Hop shows?

ZERO: I want people to really feel where my mind is at right now and be able to really vibe out for the night. I’m also doing one of the longest sets I have ever done in my music career. I want the lights to wow people, I want the lyrics to hit people so hard that they need to step back and take a breath.This show will be different because of what I have put into this project and I hope that you guys come to the Knitting Factory Aug. 26th and experience a hell of a night with me and some talented artist.

Andy O.

Andy O. is an independent hip-hop artist from Boise, ID and one of the co-founders of Earthlings Entertainment. Follow him on twitter @AndyO_TheHammer and facebook.