Premiere: They Don’t Care by EvoluShawn

Within the first few moments of EvoluShawn’s newest track, we can recognize the sample of the King of Pop’s voice, “All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us”. The use of MJ’s vocals inject an immediate catchiness and groove. You can’t go wrong with that on a dancefloor. The production that wraps around these vocals is itself unique and dynamic. The intro leads into a gritty bass that then builds into a halftime neurofunk drop. A vibe that is both heavy and playful moves the song along to an impressive drum and bass interlude. As the bass squelches to a second drop a synth lead rings in an impressive change of pace. The song returns to it’s halftime rhythm but is surrounded by cheerful future bass chords.

The song lets loose a little bit at this point which showcases the mastery of groove and genre blending that Evolushawn possesses. This is exactly why he is a producer that should be on everyone’s radar. Even though a local from Boise, Idaho, he manages to capture a global understanding of electronic dance music. In previous tracks he’s thrown down jungle, grime, hip-hop, trap, wave and more. This awareness of sonic relevance is a trademark of a talented producer, and Evolushawn is exactly that. Seriously, listen through his Soundcloud and recognize the diversity and killer grooves, especially this remix of Crystal Castle’s Empathy. Definitely keep an eye out for this guy as he continues to wow Boise with next level production.

Check out the the track below!


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