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Five Years: Watching Konnexion Blossom

Unparalleled community culture, diverse music, unique stages, and mind-blowing art made this year’s Konnexion Music Festival the best one yet. Organizers took all levels of production to the next level to ensure an incredible weekend for everyone. Saved by Water Even though temperatures climbed well above 100 degrees during the[…]


What The Festival Brings a Kong Sized Surprise What do you get when you put a web developer, a graphic designer, an avian biologist, a teacher and a few of their friends in the mix? A recipe of epic proportions. This is how The Colossal Collective got started. The Colossal Collective is[…]

Zion I: “Hip Hop Is About Empowerment.”

Zion I Talks Vaping, Fatherhood, Systematic Oppression in Hip Hop and More Zion I has been a staple to the independent underground hip hop world since the first album Mind Over Matter in 2000. Since the first release Zion I’s positive intellectual lyricism and innovative vibrant production has created a[…]

The Ultimate Music Festival Camping List

We’ve all been there at least once: overwhelmed and stressed about what to pack for this year’s camping music festival. Even if we remember to bring the essentials, there’s always a point throughout the weekend where someone says: “I wish I would’ve brought THIS”. If you’re struggling to find a[…]