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Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger Drops Warpath

Stranger Danger consists of Arthur Maddox and P-Dirt, two Boise emcees who after separately perfecting their craft, decided to join forces to create a rap duo of unparalleled skill, backed by the treasure valley’s best hip hop producers…

A Glimpse at Solzilla

Sol, or Solzilla, as he is known by some of his fans, is one of the many talented artists coming out of Seattle. As a fan you can hear the progression artistically with each album and EP he has released. His newest album Eyes OpenĀ is a great example of this.[…]

Lawz Spoken

Lawz Spoken (aka MSTR CNTRL, aka Cobra) is a Northwest hip-hop producer born and raised in Beaverton, OR. Founder of now-dissolved Portland super-group, Sound Godz (which included emcee and recipient of numerous international awards, illmaculate), Lawz’s background features both praise from and collaborations with influential artists such as Okwerdz, Planetary of Outerspace, and numerous members of the legendary Sand People. With a history firmly rooted in the NW, Lawz Spoken continues to produce unique tracks that prove just why the region’s hip-hop scene is steadily growing. Earthlings Ent. artist, ATG, got the chance to ask Lawz a few questions via email….

The Tortoise and the Crow

I have been to a ton of shows at the Reef. Shows ranging from hip hop to dance to old jazzy crews and never have I experienced such an immediate wave of anticipation at a venue when I walked in for the Grouch and Eligh show. Pigeon John got the[…]

Feature Friday: Cornell “ZeRo” Johnson

A native of San Bernadino, CA, ZeRo moved to Boise a couple of years after graduating. “I love it so much [here] that I haven’t even given it a though to move back,” he said, “and fuck man, you get to meet some pretty cool around here.” I personally made his acquaintance through The Armada a short year or two back–and though he’s been rhyming for the last ten years, when I met him he in 2012 he had just begun…