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Feature Friday: Cornell “ZeRo” Johnson

A native of San Bernadino, CA, ZeRo moved to Boise a couple of years after graduating. “I love it so much [here] that I haven’t even given it a though to move back,” he said, “and fuck man, you get to meet some pretty cool around here.” I personally made his acquaintance through The Armada a short year or two back–and though he’s been rhyming for the last ten years, when I met him he in 2012 he had just begun…

Andy’s O. On The Lack of Visibility in 208 Hip-Hop

When I was in the 5th or 6th grade, I remember watching music videos on MTV in the mornings and after school (for those of you young ones that don’t understand, MTV actually used to broadcast music and not just shitty shows about coastal cities). At the time, “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem was one of the dopest and most played music videos at the time. Rap was foreign to me, but it piqued my interest and…

Mvplanet: The Mindrolling EP

After discovering mvplanet on Boise’s subreddit, I listened to Mindrolling like 10 times, I swear. I decided I had to interview this cat. He declined to be identified by his real name, opting only to be known as mvplanet, and makes most of his instrument samples from scratch—I swear this dude is…

Talking Progression In Music and Family with Zion I

The last time Zion I came to Boise it was with Minnesota at the Knitting factory. Unfortunately because of time conflicts we were unable to make an interview happen. This time I was beyond determined and Zumbi (MC) and Amp Live (producer) were open and happy to sit with me[…]