Treefort 2017: Lizzo’s Party

Featured Image by: Michael Smith

Jungo Blizzard, an enormous gorilla puppet worthy of King Kong himself, loves to party.  If one wanted to run into a 25 ft party animal Saturday night of Treefort 2017, the main stage at 7pm would’ve been the place to be. Hip-Hop chameleon Lizzo hit the stage and cranked up the volume; kicking off the highlight of the festival for many with her lineup of tracks which rolled over the audience as brassy, sassy, self-loving and classy.

The energy and rhythm of Lizzo’s songs worked together seamlessly with her strong message of shameless self love. Her outspokenly feminist ideals and self-adoration speak to women everywhere, infecting many with her exuberant and uplifting messages.  It’s no wonder Jungo, the shamelessly vain puppet created by The Colossal Collective, was drawn to the positively delicious sound of Lizzo’s confident voice.

Photo by: Michael Smith

Her flow flooded over the crowd, beautifully in sync with the amped-up beats provided by her emcee and DJ Sophia Eris. Two soulful dancers alongside Lizzo in nude colored outfits added another layer to the excitement as the growing crowd belted-out their approval.

The performance’s good vibes and Lizzo’s humorous side banter drew more and more spectators from neighboring Treefort tents; and just as she began dropping more songs from her recent album “Coconut Oil,” Jungo Blizzard found his way to the dance floor. Lizzo even gave him a shout out as the party animal made his way past the “Poutine Your Mouth” food truck.  Jungo pumped up the crowd, pounding his chest, twerking and jiving in his 3D glasses, and “Party Time” necklace clock.

Photo Credit: Steve Sakadales

Lizzo’s show at Treefort 2017 went beyond watching a musical performance. It was a Treefort experience filled with super passionate musicians, eclectic performance artists, and most importantly the many exuberant Treeforters adding their energy to Lizzo’s “good as hell” party. The up-and-comer is well on her way to stardom, and with so many fans acquired at Treefort 2017, including her 25ft friend Jungo, Lizzo is certainly someone to see next time around.

Erin Lorain

Hydroponic farmer out of Meridian Idaho who loves the outdoors, writing, art, music, and dancing! Human rights activist and advocate for the fair treatment of all living things. Lover of animals. Surrounded by the richest cache of people you'll ever meet.