4/19/14 @ Idaho Green Fest: Illumneye, Oso Negro, and Exit Prose


The Idaho Green Fest, at its core, is an Earth Day celebration that will take place on 8th and Bannock, outside, on Saturday, April 19. The amount of information on the Green Fest is limited at this point, but what we do know is that there will be live music, booked by TO Entertain U, who generally books electronic and EDM DJs as talent, but also that there will be some awesome hip-hop there too… Continue reading

4/19/14 @ The Shredder: Remix 4 Autism | Boise Pulse Music Magazine


Published by Boise Pulse Music Magazine

Boise never fails to bring light to the important things in life. Whether it be music, culture, community or even charity, you can bet that Boiseans will be involved. Growing up, I was always made fun of for being an introvert at school and preferring poetry over recess. I wasn’t sure why the other kids made fun of me or why my mind continuously worked while other students could simply ‘veg out’. It soon became apparent that something was different about me and after years of thinking I was a freak, I found out that I had Asperger’s… continue reading

4/16/14 @ Neurolux: CunninLynguists, J-Live, Sadistik, Nemo Achida

CunninLynguists live

Wednesday, April 16th 2014, the CunninLynguists will be performing at the Neurolux with Sadistik, J-Live, and Nemo Achida. CunninLynguists are a hip hop trio from Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia. The group currently consists of Deacon the Villain, Kno, and Natti. The name is a portmanteau of the words cunning and linguist, and is also a play on the word cunnilingus… Continue reading

Treefort 2014 Follow-Up: Co-Founder and Director Eric Gilbert

Treefort Boise Idaho

I know that it’s a little overdue, but we finally found the time to snag an interview with Eric Gilbert, one of the co-founders and festival directors of the annual Treefort Music Fest. Eric Gilbert’s influence on Boise reaches further than Treefort, as a musician in the band Finn Riggins and one of the founding partners of The Duck Club (who not only puts on Treefort, but also books tours and gigs for artists in and around Boise). Check out our Q&A below… Continue reading

Interview: Meditation and MC Monkey D’s “The Sound of Freedom Tour”

Sound of Freedom Tour

The homies Holistic Meditation and MC Monkey D are two cats out of Jerome, ID that have been killing the scene for at least 2 years plus. I have nothing but mad respect for these two because not only do they always spit it ill, but they know how to put on a live show too. They’ll be putting on a show for the “Sound of Freedom” Tour on 4/12 at the Diamondz Event Center in Jerome–if you’re out that way, consider catching these guys. You may regret it if you don’t. Check out the interview below with Holistic below with an addendum by Monkey D…. Continue reading

4/11 @ The Drink: The 4-1-1 Concert: Eleven & Exit Prose


What is there to say that other news outlets haven’t already said about these two amazing artists? Eleven is a real MC to the core, and if you’ve ever been to any of his shows you know it. I first saw him perform last winter at The Shredder while opening up for Turquoise Jeep, which is a damn shame, because his tenure’s netted him far more shows than that in past… Continue reading

NKNGS – “We Paint Wrecked Signs” (Official Video)

NKNGS (former resident of Driggs, ID) releases dope music video

We Paint Wrecked Signs” – NKNGS

So I’ll keep this short and sweet; I met NKNGS (pronounced “No Kings”) after opening up for him when the Bring Your Mom Tour came through town. He was travelling with a couple of dope cats (big ups Smar-T Jones, Simple Steve, and Early Adopted–you can check out a sample of each of them here), and surprised me not only with a great performance, but with the fact that he went to high school in Driggs, ID.

Driggs, man. Dope rappers are few and far between in Idaho as is, and the only person I’ve ever met from Driggs is a girl I sit next to at work–so naturally I’m stoked that such a dope artist has come not only from the 208, but from such a secluded part of it.

The video, shot and edited by Early Adopted out of Boston, MA while on the Bring Your Mom Tour highlights a lot of awesome places in downtown Boise, ID, such as freak alley (also used in a cool HTC video I cameo’d in), 8th Street, and Idaho St.

Show this cat some love, peep and like his Facebook page, and–even if they now kick it in Pheonix–always support 208 Hip-Hop.

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“Draft Day (Remix)” – Mayor Coalz

Mayor Coalz at Treefort 2014

Mayor Coalz challenges the status quo again with his remix of Drake’s “Draft Day”, dropped fresh today. And while I’m usually not a fan of white rappers rapping about race, Coalz does it with tact, infusing humor with heavier subjects to create a blend that’s not too heavy, but that still carries weight when it reaches your senses. Kind of like Lebowski’s White Russians. But better… Continue reading